Want to Attract Gen Z to Manufacturing Career? Do This.


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Selling a career in manufacturing can be a challenge, especially if you are targeting Gen Z applicants. You have to think outside the box in terms of what these types of jobs can offer, such as room for professional development and good benefits. There are a number of things you can do to improve your odds with this younger generation. Here they are.

1. Start With the Job Description

The best place to start when you want to attract Gen Z talent to any career is your job description. The language you use can turn a younger applicant off. In the description, focus on how a job with your company can help them build a career. Provide them with information on professional development opportunities and other value propositions. Be clear and upfront with what you are offering in terms of benefits and compensation as well.

In a manufacturing career, some potential perks to list would be benefits packages, flexible schedules, ongoing training opportunities, and the possibility for internal promotions. These details will be what helps you attract Gen Z talent.

2. Make Your Application Efficient

After they have read through your job description and decided to apply, many Gen Z applicants will drop out of the application process if it is too lengthy. Make sure your application process is efficient. Have it autofill applicant information when possible and don’t include any long assessments. If it takes longer than 20 minutes, many applicants will back out altogether.

3. Invest in Your Company Culture

Many candidates aren’t just interested in a good salary and benefits. Most are looking for a good company who they will be proud to work for. They want to be able to clearly identify with the organization’s values and know how their job impacts the bottom line. To attract Gen Z applicants to a manufacturing setting, paint a picture of a company culture that is inclusive and focused on professional development.

4. Promote Growth

You may have noticed that professional development has been mentioned a few times already. That is because being able to grow within their career is extremely important to Gen Z applicants. So, you will want to detail how your organization can help them expand their skills or help them climb the ladder to achieve specific career goals.

5. Offer a Sense of Purpose

Another key thing many younger candidates are looking for is a sense of purpose in their jobs. Provide them with meaning around what they will be doing each day. In the end, they want to feel like their job is making a difference in the world. For manufacturers, this may be giving them information about who you are supplying products for or how the materials you make are used.

6. Get Employee Referrals

Gen Z candidates are also more likely to come to you through employee referrals or other referral systems. If they can talk to someone who knows what it’s like to work for you they are going to be more likely to apply. At the same time, because that individual knows what it is like to work for you, the referral may be a better fit for your company.

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