7 Skills to Look for in Your DevOps Candidates

Skills to Look for DevOps Candidates

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DevOps has a lot going for it. It typically generates a faster development and releases cycle for new software. At the same time, it can also reduce friction between the development and operations teams. That means that your DevOps candidates need a fairly wide skillset. Here are 7 essential skills to look for in candidates. 


1. Coding 

It often gets overlooked in lists of DevOps skills, but a good DevOps candidate needs a solid background in the major frontend and backend programming languages. Without this essential skill set, they’ll never get anywhere. 

2. Soft Skills 

A DevOps team member isn’t primarily a coder. Their job is to facilitate a smoother, faster development cycle. That means they need to be able to communicate effectively with both developers and non-developers. More importantly, they need to be able to secure buy-in when significant changes happen. All of that requires good soft skills. 

3. Understanding Cloud Technology 

With so much computing happening in the cloud these days, a DevOps pro can’t get by without understanding cloud technologies. At the very least, they need a working knowledge of the major cloud service providers, such as AWS, Google Cloud, and OpenStack.  


4. Security 

Fast development means you run a much higher risk of accidentally including a security flaw into your code. A good DevOps candidate will have at least some background in writing secure code. 


5. Automation Tools 

Automation is a huge part of the DevOps approach. That means a good candidate will have expert level knowledge in a range of automation tools, such as Node.js, Ruby, Shell, and Bash.  


6. Testing 

Testing is one of those skills that some programmers hate and some programmers love. Without it, though, automation won’t get you very far. Your DevOps candidates need a solid understanding of what testing processes work best for your preferred programming languages and automation tools.  


7. Don’t Get Lost in the Details 

Details matter when it comes to coding, but a software product ultimately serves a client. Whether the client is your own company or someone who hired you, the software needs to serves that client’s goals. A DevOps pro keeps that client’s end goals in mind. 

DevOps candidates will share some skills with regular developers, but they need a more diverse skillset. They need a good working knowledge of areas as diverse as security, cloud technologies, and testing. They also need good soft skills. Without employees with the right combo of expertise, your DevOps efforts will only be partially successful.  


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