4 Ways To Keep Your Team Productive During the Holidays

maintaining team productivity during holidays

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The end of the year is busy for most people. Everyone is celebrating the holidays while businesses simultaneously attempt to meet end-of-year goals. Productivity and the holiday season aren't necessarily synonymous, though. Here are a few ways you can keep your team motivated throughout this time of year. 


1.     Map Out Your Time Off Ahead of Schedule

Make it easy and comfortable for your employees to ask for time off. About half of the workforce does not feel like they can do so. The main reason, many of them say, is that their manager expects them to continue to be available during their paid time off. This is because employers fail to plan ahead for time off. 

Have a plan for your employees to ask for time off. For instance, if you have a shared "time off" calendar, be sure everyone has access and knows how to submit dates for approval. Employers should make notes of when the team will be at a lower capacity. Recognize the time off requests team-wide and let others know how it might impact processes. Do your best not to contact your employees during their vacation or other paid time off.

2.   Close for Extra Days 

If it is feasible for your business, close for additional days surrounding major holidays. By closing for a few extra days, it can help your team regroup before returning to work. For example, many businesses give employees the day before and after off from work duties to refocus around the Christmas holiday. If it is possible for your company to do so, offering these extra days off will make your employees feel appreciated and give them the time they need to recharge. 


3.   Recognize and Reward Your Staff

One of the best ways to keep your team motivated through the holiday season, and throughout the rest of the year, is recognition and rewards. Many companies hold annual holiday parties or award ceremonies to recognize employees at this time. If it is possible, you may even consider sending out end-of-year bonuses. These bits of recognition can do wonders for employee morale and promote productivity in the workplace through the busiest times of the year.

4.   Provide More Flexibility 

Adding more flexibility for your team is another way to help keep projects on track through the holidays. Offer remote work opportunities and flexible schedules to help them balance work and life obligations through the busy time of year. This can help people stay plugged into work responsibilities without feeling overwhelmed by them. Other ideas for employers' flexibility include childcare, altered schedules to match school schedules for kids, and even shortened work weeks. 

Offering flexibility and time off helps your full-time team recharge too. You may consider having additional part-time or contract employees on hand to fill the gaps in your staff while certain team members are out on leave. Doing so will prevent your team from burning out and keep your projects on track. 


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