Boost Employee Motivation! 5 Things All Managers Can Do Now

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If your workforce is not motivated and engaged on the job, chances are your productivity rates are low. Your business may even be losing money. Managers play a key role in maintaining the motivation and engagement of the employees that report to them. To boost employee motivation, managers can do these five things right now.  

Create a Positive Environment  

Employees will be more motivated when they have a positive environment to work in. In a remote setting, you can urge your staff to set up quiet workspaces where they can solely focus on their tasks. Make sure they know what resources are available to them and support them every step of the way. 

Be an Effective Communicator  

Effective communication makes a huge difference in the workplace. It is easy to get caught up in sending emails back and forth. Instead, set aside time to meet with your employees face to face. During this meeting, you can check-in and see how they are doing. Inquire about any things you can do to better support them, etc. This kind of interaction can help motivate them to do better on the job.  

In addition to setting aside time to chat with employees one on one, you should also make time to listen. Managers often get wrapped up in the day-to-day tasks. Create opportunities for employees to come forward with new ideas, concerns, and feedback. Listen to what they have to say. Taking this information into consideration will make them feel heard and help motivate them.  

Recognize Your Top Performers  

Recognition and appreciation are important if you want your workforce to be motivated. Your employees want to know how their individual efforts make a difference to the company’s larger goals. When they can clearly see how their contribution makes a difference, they will feel more motivated to keep up the good work.  

You can recognize your best employees in a number of ways. Some employers choose to show their appreciation with gifts or bonuses. However, that isn’t the only way to recognize a job well done. You might want to recognize their efforts by providing them with some time off or a paid-for lunch. Decide what kind of “thank you” you want to offer. 

Prioritize the Well-Being of Your Staff  

Make the well-being of your staff members a priority. When your employees are happy and healthy, they will be more motivated to do a good job at work. You can ensure that your staff is getting the TLC they need by offering plenty of downtime, even during big projects. Encourage them to take time off and take regular breaks. Without those breaks, they are susceptible to burnout, which greatly hinders motivation. 

Be Trusting and Respectful  

Workers want some level of autonomy in their jobs. Trust them to have some independence in their roles and allow them to make plans. Don’t micromanage projects either. When you do this, your staff feels like you don’t trust them to get the job done, which can hurt productivity and motivation.  

Having an engaged and motivated staff starts with finding the right employees for your company. Work with the professionals at Timpl to find candidates who meet your needs. Contact us to get started today!