What's Next? Lessons from the Pandemic That Will Continue to Shape the Workplace


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There is no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world in a number of ways. It especially changed how we work with each other, interact in the workplace, and perform business planning. The uncertainty the pandemic brought has caused many companies to shift directions and continue to shift as time goes on. Here are some lessons from the pandemic that will continue to shape the workplace for years to come.

1. Purpose

Many employers have found themselves in a tight spot when it comes to staffing their companies recently. This is because now, more than ever, candidates are looking for careers with purpose. After all, employees are giving up valuable time with friends and family to be at work. They want to know the work they do is making a difference in the world. Giving meaning and significance to their jobs can be a big motivator.

2. Encourage Collaboration

Another lesson learned during the pandemic is that collaboration among your staff is key to success. Chances are, people won’t be returning to the workplace, not in the way they were before. So, it is crucial to find new ways for your team to collaborate and communicate with one another. For some companies, online message boards and video conferencing have made it easier for their teams to collaborate.

3. Pay Attention to Employee Needs

Employers must pay attention to new employee needs. The pandemic changed a lot for everyone. Some workers may be feeling socially isolated. Others may have anxiety about returning to work. Whatever the case may be, you have to try to address the needs of your staff. Not doing this could hurt your retention rates greatly. 

4. Flexibility

Candidates and top talent are looking for flexibility in the workplace. Set up a culture where your employees know flexibility is available to them if they need it. During the pandemic, many workers had to begin homeschooling their children. Allowing them to continue to work remotely until schools return to in-person learning can give them the flexibility they need. This will change person by person. Address each employee’s needs as they come. Not only will this help your retention rates, but it will also build great loyalty among your staff.

5. Communication is Key

Communication has become even more important for your business’ success. Having a system for communicating with your team and for them to communicate with you will keep the show on the road, no matter what external changes are occurring. Especially from a remote setting, companies have had to set up all-new internal communications systems to keep projects on track.

6. Staffing Resources

Another huge lesson the pandemic showed many businesses is that a backup staffing plan is needed. If certain employees are out sick or need to take leave, you need to have a plan for covering their work. Beyond that, you may need to fill in the gaps in your current staff. The pandemic brought about different needs for many companies, even if it is for a short period of time. So, having a staffing solution to find talent to fill in the gaps can make a huge difference.

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