Upskill Your Employees by Helping Them Earn These Automotive Certifications

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Upskilling your workforce is never a bad idea. When you invest time and money into your staff, you will reap the benefits while also showing them you care about the progression of their individual careers. Here is how you can upskill your employees by helping them earn these automotive certifications. 

1. Electric Vehicle Certifications 

Like it or not, many car manufacturers are moving towards electric vehicles. This means that many workers in the automotive industry will need to learn new skills to be able to work on these cars. Getting ahead of the curve on this will be key to keeping your organization relevant as EV takes over. 

There are several places where you can send your employees to learn more about electric cars and how to service them. These academies will provide them with the key information they need to work on these new cars safely. When they return from training, they will have the knowledge they need to take your company into the next century, so to speak. 

2. Different Welding Certifications 

Welding certifications are another great automotive license you can help your employees receive. It will come in handy in the workplace in several ways. Welding is used in mending numerous items on a car. 

On top of that, there are different types of welding skills needed for different jobs. The new electric vehicles discussed above will use an aluminum welding method for specific components, which is not used on traditional cars. This knowledge will be key for them to help your organization and continue their career in the automotive industry. 

3. 3D Printing 

Another interesting thing going on in the automotive industry is 3D print car parts and, potentially, even entire vehicles. Some luxury car makers are experimenting with 3D printing cars because they can be more environmentally friendly than current car manufacturing methods. 

Knowing these 3D printing techniques will help them know how to service certain parts on vehicles. We are far from seeing every car being 3D printed but having someone on your team with this knowledge can be a great asset to your organization. 

4. Cybersecurity 

You may not have considered getting your automotive employees certified in cybersecurity, but, like 3D printing, it is becoming increasingly useful. Cars are getting smarter, which means securing a car’s data is more important than ever. 

Cybersecurity certifications will help your employees learn how to properly secure communication systems, electronic networks, software, and other data. This will keep the cars they service safe from cyber-attacks and can give them the knowledge they need to identify issues in a system. 

5. Advanced Robotics 

All of these things bring you to the last useful certification you may consider helping your employees pursue. Look into advanced robotics courses and certifications. With all of the tech changes occurring in the automotive industry, this will undoubtedly come in handy. 

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