Make These Tweaks to Your Manufacturing Job Description to Find Top Talent

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Attracting top talent to your organization is no easy task. Employers in the manufacturing industry are facing significant talent shortages. To locate top talent in their sectors, employers have been making changes to the way they recruit, vet, and onboard new employees. However, everything starts with the job description.  

Include the Right Keywords for the Job 

Most candidates are going to come across your job listing on a job board site, like Indeed or Monster. To appear in their searches, you need to use the appropriate keywords when you construct the job description. Instead of listing the job with a title like “Human Resources Superstar,” use terms people are more likely to search like “HR professional.” If there is a main skill needed to apply, include that in the title as well. For instance, you would want to use the title “Javascript Web Developer” rather than just “Web Developer.”  

Make the Job Seem Special 

Consider all of the qualities you consider a must-have for the position. This should be three or four things you think the ideal candidate would have. Define exactly how the role’s responsibilities impact the organization and how they will make a difference. All of these things make the job seem more special. Most top talent won’t be interested in a generic position that anyone could fill. Making it stand out will help attract the candidates you’re looking for. 

Stand Out From Other Employers  

There is no shortage of job postings out there. Why should top talent in your industry apply to your company and not your competitor’s? Your job description is a chance to explain exactly that. Take a look at other job listings in your sector. Make note of the phrases and words that are commonly used and try to avoid them. Instead, find ways to explain how your organization is different from all the others.  

Talk About Your Company Culture  

The job description is another chance for you to sell your company culture. Discussing your company’s mission, how it treats employee work-life balance, and other topics that speak to your business’s values gives them a better idea of what you’re all about. Top talent looks for a company that has a strong work culture and positive employer brand. They also want to know that your values and mission align with their own long-term career goals and personal values. 

It Should Read Well  

Too many hiring managers rush to post a job description without considering whether or not it reads well. If your description is choppy or doesn’t flow well, top talent may be put off of applying. It should have personality and be enthusiastic, but it should also provide in-depth information about the job and the company. Don’t forget to also include a call to action so they know what steps they should take to apply. 

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