Top 8 Strategies for Hiring Hard-To-Fill Tech Roles

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Recruiting and hiring new employees is a challenging task. It can be challenging if you are attempting to fill more skill-focused roles, such as tech positions, within your company. Below are several strategies to find top candidates for hard-to-fill tech roles. 

1. Invest in Your Company Online 

Having a solid online presence is a great way to attract tech candidates. After all, someone working in the tech field will want to know the company they are pursuing is tech-savvy. Because of this, it is a good idea to invest in your company’s website. Make it eye-catching and interactive. You should also highlight how tech candidates might benefit from seeking out employment with your company.  

Beyond your website, you should also get involved in online communities. This opens up yet another resource for you to gain access to tech candidates, further expanding your talent pool. It also gives you a chance to communicate and collaborate with others in the field.  

2. Find Ways to Focus on Top Talent 

You can focus your search on top talent by offering more competitive compensation packages and other benefits to your employees. However, be sure the compensation you are offering is relevant to their specific needs. For instance, many tech employees may be intrigued by mentorship or professional development programs.  

3. Be Open to Training New Employees  

Many employers get hung up on a perceived skill gap when it comes to assessing new candidates. However, you can get a truly valuable tech employee by offering training to close the skill gap. This will significantly increase the size of the talent pool you have access to.  

4. Team Up With a Tech Expert 

Consider teaming up with a tech expert if you only need occasional help or assistance on a project-by-project basis. Having this individual on hand can help you meet your tech needs without having to hire someone full-time.  

5. Have Remote Working Options 

Another strategy that may help you hire employees for those hard-to-fill tech roles is offering remote work opportunities. Many tech workers enjoy being able to work at their own pace or on their own equipment. Not to mention, remote workers tend to be more productive overall.  

6. Offer Relocation Packages 

If you are looking to fill more senior tech positions that may require your new hire to relocate, offering a competitive relocation package is key. When you are recruiting them, offer to fly them into the city where your organization is located and pay for accommodations. You should also take the time to find out their priorities, such as living in the suburbs or good schools for their kids. Then, find ways to highlight what the area has to offer.  

7. Consider Opening a Satellite Office 

You may also consider opening a satellite office if you seem to be having trouble filling tech roles in your company. First, do some research and find out where you may have better luck in the tech talent pool. Then you can look into opening up a satellite office there to attract more tech candidates.  

8. Work With a Staffing Agency 

Staffing agencies can be a good resource when it comes to filling specific tech roles in your organization. However, most staffing agencies are focused on a specific industry or working with a specific talent. For this reason, they are already in communication with potential candidates for the role you are hoping to fill.  

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Finding candidates for those harder to fill roles doesn’t have to be difficult. Working with a staffing agency like Timpl can help you identify good candidates for the position you are looking to fill. Contact us to see how we can assist your company.