Top 5 Software Development Trends to Expect in the Rest of 2021

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Software and tech industries are constantly evolving. It is essential for those who work in the industry to stay on top of the most recent changes and keep an eye on potential trends coming to fruition. Below are the top software development trends you can expect to see during the remainder of 2021.  

1. Emphasis on Using the Cloud 

2020 changed a lot of things for many people, but one of the most significant shifts was people working from home or remote workspaces. The increase in remote workers and the growth of the cloud go hand-in-hand. Many businesses may find they need to scale up their cloud services and find a program that works for their organization as a whole. In addition to providing a central space for many of the company’s services, it also helped many businesses save money on data they weren’t using. So, you can expect to continue to see an emphasis on the cloud in the rest of 2021.  

2. Increased Use of Blockchain 

You may think blockchain doesn’t have much of a role outside of the one it plays in cryptocurrency, however, the use of blockchain is going to be a huge trend in software development this year. Blockchain can help your company prevent fraud during sensitive transactions, such as purchasing items online or obtaining consumer data. Some of these fraud prevention applications are likely to increase during 2021. Additionally, you will see the rise of innovative contract platforms, which help companies execute contracts remotely in a more secure manner.  

3. AI Development Continues 

Artificial intelligence has been on the rise for several years. This trend will continue through 2021, especially because companies with AI are more successful in their endeavors. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is of particular interest to many organizations. NLP allows programs to write text and software programs. Ethical AI, meaning-making sure programs and machines do the right thing, will also gain a lot of attention throughout the year.  

4. More Low-Code or No-Code Development 

More businesses need programming capabilities but don’t have a software engineer on staff to take care of these tasks. Because of this, low-code and even no-code programming are on the rise. It makes it easier for companies to move forward with their tech initiatives without training someone to create databases and applications. This trend is something that has been seen in recent years and will continue throughout 2021 and beyond.  

5. Native App Development on the Rise 

Just about everyone has a mobile device these days. Because of this, mobile apps have become just about as important as your company website. More companies will be putting time and money into developing apps for their business. Beyond that, they will be creating apps for each operating system to be accessed with ease and work well no matter who is using it.  

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