Tis The Season For Appreciation: 6 Creative Ways You Can Give Back to Your Team

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The holiday season is a busy time for everyone. Many businesses are working to meet end-of-year goals. Workers struggle to achieve a good work-life balance. Long story short, everyone is feeling a bit burnt out. That being said, it is a good time of year to give back to your team. Here are a few ideas to help show your appreciation.

1. Office Activities

One great way to show your staff appreciation over the holidays is by scheduling or planning a few seasonal activities. For instance, some companies hold an annual employee gift exchange with a spending cap. This can give your employees the chance to get to know one another a bit better and give them something fun to focus on for work as well. Many businesses also hold an annual holiday party to celebrate the season. Both of these give your team something to look forward to during the busiest time of year.

2. Be Inclusive

As an employer, it is also important to be inclusive in your celebrations and within the office setting. Nothing shows your appreciation more than ensuring each of your employees feels included in holiday celebrations, even if they don’t celebrate anything. So, allow everyone to decorate their work areas for their specific holiday or decor they like.

3. Emphasize Work-Life Balance

Because it is the busiest time of the year for most people it is important to emphasize work-life balance with your employees. Be sure you are providing them with the flexibility to allow them to get things done with their home life. Encourage your staff to take some time off and provide paid holidays like Christmas and New Year’s so they can unplug to spend time with family.

4. Give Thanks

Of course, you can always show your appreciation by simply saying “thanks.” Take the time to send out handwritten thank you notes to your employees. Detail exactly how their efforts have assisted the business in meeting its goals throughout the year. This will give them a clear picture of how they help the company and know they are appreciated.

5. Schedule a Bonus

This is probably the most common way employers show their appreciation during the holiday season. Giving your staff a bonus can not only help motivate them but it will also help boost morale and make them feel appreciated. Determine how much your business can afford to give. Even if monetary bonuses aren’t possible, consider other perks you can give them. Maybe offer an extra paid day off or a half-day.

6. Group Field Trips

Schedule some time to get out of the office with your staff. During the holiday season, volunteer trips are common. You might also consider going to local museums or shopping malls. This gives your staff time to unplug from the office and bond with each other. It also provides them with a little time where they don’t have to think about any other responsibilities, which is always appreciated.

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