How to Limit the Risks of AI Hiring with These 3 Tips

Risks of AI Hiring and How to Limit

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Artificial intelligence is impacting every industry, whether it is how you do business or the way you source new talent. AI hiring has become the norm, but it doesn't mean there aren't risks associated with it. Here's how to avoid some of the most common problems employers experience.

  1. Determine the Fit 

AI hiring programs don't have any sure-fire way of determining if a candidate is a good fit for your company culture or not. This can be a crucial issue. If you have someone on your team that doesn't fit in, it can have a negative impact on productivity and morale. 

Have a way of determining whether the candidate in question is a good fit for your company's culture. For instance, if this individual has always worked in an office environment and thrives in a hands-on space, they may not be successful in a remote workspace. When you field candidates, ask about key culture points and gauge their responses accordingly.

  1. Evaluate Decision-Making Skills

Another way AI hiring software falls short is that it has no way of evaluating a candidate's decision-making skills. Many employers construct quizzes or have a questionnaire for applicants to answer to determine the level of their decision-making abilities. Find a way for your business to evaluate new talent. 

It should also be noted that additional evaluations should be done for all candidates. AI programs can miss "diamonds in the rough" or resumes that are not SEO optimized. Relying solely on an artificial intelligence program can prevent you from discovering these candidates altogether.

  1. Look at the Entire Talent Pool 

AI does not give human resources departments any information about the pool of talent from which the resumes they are receiving came from. You may have only received entry-level candidates and have not gotten a resume from the "perfect" new hire yet. 

Taking the time to review the entire talent pool and see what the AI is picking from will save you time. It can also help you alter the program to find better applicants. For example, if you search for someone with more experience in a specific area than the applicants provided, you can supply the program with that data.

Bonus Tip: Partner with a Staffing Firm 

Last, but not least, you should consider partnering with a staffing firm to avoid the risks of AI hiring. Using recruitment agencies will help you connect with real people and source quality candidates. When using artificial intelligence to source new employees, the search is less connected, and your potential new hire will feel that.

Additionally, it will limit your risk of a bad hire because the firm has already thoroughly vetted each candidate. Having a relationship with a staffing firm will ensure that you have a relevant talent pipeline for your industry. You will save time on sourcing, vetting, and reviewing applicants without losing the personal touch.

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