The Most In-Demand Tech Skills Your Candidates Should Have

most in-demand tech skills for candidates

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The world has become so technology-dependent that most people sleep with their smartphone within reach. It’s a rare professional who doesn’t tote a high-powered tablet or notebook computer. This reality is now paired with an acknowledged tech-talent shortage. So, if you’re currently hiring, what tech skills should you be looking for in your candidates?


1. AI

The realms of artificial intelligence and machine learning promise huge rewards for companies that can harness them. It also means landing employees with the right background. Unfortunately, it’s an area where competition is incredibly fierce because the field exploded before education could fill the demand. 

Takeaway: If you can get a candidate with actual AI experience and the right culture fit, snag them. Otherwise, look toward providing training for current employees. 


2. Data Science 

There is some overlap between AI and data science, but don’t assume it’s a one-to-one relationship. Data scientists draw on an interdisciplinary approach and diverse frameworks to squeeze insights out of data. Some data scientists even focus on data visualization, which helps render those insights comprehensible to a lay audience. AI engineers use some of the same methods but typically lean more heavily into programming products or services. With big data here to stay, though, so is a need for data science experts.

Takeaway: Data science experts are a little easier to come by because their methods and techniques predate the AI explosion, but many of them are making the jump to AI. 


3. Developers/Software Engineers

This is another area where skills overlap. That said, most companies need a good developer or team of developers to build out their mobile apps, websites, and cloud apps. Many companies also need software engineers to help plan out their internal/client-facing software development. While almost all engineers can write code, they more often supervise the developers who write the line-by-line code.

Takeaway: Even if you’re not hiring specifically for a development or software engineering position, keep an eye out for people with those skills. Even if you don’t need them now, you absolutely will need them eventually. 

Businesses will only become more dependent on technology as time goes on. They’ll also be inundated with more and more streams of data as time goes on. That means you need candidates who bring AI, data science, or programming skills to the table. Without those candidates, you risk being left behind your competition.


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