The Hiring Trifecta: What Is It and How Does it Build a Winning Team?

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Trying to piece together the perfect team for your business can be a challenge. You have to consider multiple factors when choosing a good new hire. How will they fit into the company culture, do they have the skills necessary, what are their long-term career goals, the list goes on. There is a winning trifecta when it comes to building a great team though.  

What is the Hiring Trifecta?  

When you are in charge of hiring for a company you want to come up with a plan for assessing how well each candidate will fit into your organization. You want to build a team with productivity and longevity in mind. To do this, you have to come up with a few things that are essential for long-term employees at your company.  

Chances are, you probably already have a few employees you can reference when making your checklist. There is also a “hiring trifecta” that you can use to ensure you’re building a winning team. The trifecta just provides a guideline for conducting interviews and deciding what the best qualities to target in candidates would be.  

There may be some additional factors to weigh in, but the trifecta essentially pinpoints the three things you need to look for in a candidate for them to work with you successfully. Here is how the trifecta breaks down.  

Know the Qualifications Needed for the Job  

First and foremost, you need to decide what qualifications are actually necessary for the job you are trying to fill. Many companies make the mistake of looking for a one-of-a-kind “unicorn” candidate. Most of the time, the best candidate won’t check every single one of your boxes, but they will meet the most important qualifications for the job. So, decide what they are and focus on those requirements over anything else.  

It is also a good idea to look for people who are willing to learn or be trained on the job. If you find a candidate who meets your base requirements and is a good cultural fit, everything else can be taught.  

Provide Motivation for Your Team Members  

Figuring out what motivates your employees is another important part of the trifecta. Employees need to feel that their efforts are appreciated, but they also need other motivating factors. Some employees want to have room for advancement or career development. Others would prefer to have flexible scheduling and more paid time off. Get to know what would help motivate your staff and do what you can to provide those things. If you are interviewing a candidate who is motivated by something you can’t provide, like fully remote work or three weeks’ paid vacation, they may not be the right person for the job. 

Create Loyal Employees for Longevity 

Last but not least, loyalty is a huge piece of the puzzle. Taking a look at an applicant’s resume can tell you a lot about how loyal they are to an employer. If someone has stayed in a position for a while, it can give you an idea about their longevity with your company. You can also look for involvement in industry organizations or programs. This indicates loyalty to the industry at large and their career. 

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