Retention Starts with Communication: 5 Tips to Get it Right

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Believe it or not, the way you communicate with potential and current employees will considerably impact your business. One of the aspects it has the biggest effect on is retention. Here are some tips to help get your communication with your team on the right track to boost retention rates.  

1. Build Channels for Feedback 

Ignoring complaints can be a killer from an employee morale standpoint. Not giving your employees a channel to freely express their needs and concerns is just as damaging. Make way for your employees to provide you with feedback about how they feel about the work environment and their day-to-day tasks. This will provide a way for you to improve and give your staff a morale boost. They will feel like they are listened to and will also feel like they have a say in certain aspects of their jobs. Be sure this communication system is a two-way channel as well. That way, managers can respond to issues and attempt to get them resolved promptly.   

2. Communicate Development Opportunities 

Employee retention can also be improved when you offer development opportunities. Many people have said they have left jobs because there was no room for growth in their careers. If you don’t already have one, get a development program in place. When an opportunity for development arises, be sure to communicate it with your employees promptly. This gives your team a better understanding of the possibilities of working with your organization.  

3. Create Peer-to-Peer Communication Platforms

You need collaboration among your employees to have a successful workplace. Peer-to-peer communication helps your staff become more of a team, boosting morale and improving retention rates. The right system will allow for both casual chatting and sharing updates on important work projects. Overall, having this kind of communication in place helps them feel more connected with their work environment as a whole 

4. Recognize Success Publicly 

Consider how you show your employees they are valued. Communication is one of the best ways to display your appreciation for all they do. When one of your employees does something well, recognize that success publicly within the organization. This can be through email or company-shared communication platforms. Whatever the case may be, recognize how their efforts impact the company as a whole in a positive way. Public reward and recognition in the workplace are directly tied to higher retention rates.  

 5. Take Time to Explain Important Decisions

You should also take the time to explain important decisions to your team in an effective manner. This gives your employees the feeling that they are up-to-date on everything they need to know about the company. Find whatever platform works best for your team. In the past, this has usually been done through email, text, or a bulletin board. However, in a more remote workspace, you may want to implement a different program. Whatever the case may be, having open communication about changes and important decisions will help your employees feel like they are more a part of the team and stick around.  

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