Reach The Candidates You Need Using These 4 Job Ad Writing Hacks

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Job advertising has become a critical part of finding the best candidates. If you want to get top talent to apply, you have to know a bit about job ad writing. This makes it possible for you to get your listing in front of people who fit what you are looking for. There is no doubt that job ads are essential for targeting top talent, here's how you can get it right.

1. Think About Your Ideal Candidate

Consider what you are looking for in the ideal candidate. Now put yourself in this person’s shoes. What are they looking for in their next work opportunity? Many candidates are searching for a positive work environment, advancement opportunities, work-life balance, and good compensation. Detail how you can meet those needs in your job advertisement.

Some applicants are also interested in how they will make a difference on the job. Others might want to know that they work with other great people or work for a company that makes an impact. Include information about your company’s mission and culture in the ad as well. When it comes down to it, ask yourself whether or not you’d apply to the job when you’re reading the listing. If the answer is no, continue adding information that will get the attention of the best candidates.

2. Be Unique

When you are adding information to your job ad, try to be unique. Don’t simply list the skills necessary to do the job. Instead, talk about why the applicant should want to come work for you. Focus on why the job matters and how it makes an impact. These are the things that truly make your job opportunity special and stand out among the others.

3. Identify the Skills Necessary

Many employers make the mistake of including a mile-long list of required skills and experience in their job ads. This can overwhelm candidates and put them off of applying altogether. If the educational background is important to the position, mention that. If the position requires more on-the-job experience, detail that in the description.

However, don’t go through listing things that aren’t necessarily required to do a good job. For instance, instead of requiring four years of Microsoft Office experience, you might consider getting rid of the required length of experience.

4. Get Personal

The language in the listing should focus on selling the position to top talent and not telling candidates they will be disqualified. When it comes down to it, people apply for companies not jobs. So, put time into describing your company, the culture, its mission, and how this position will fit into everything. Give them an idea of what it will be like to work with you and be honest. You want to get applicants who will be a good fit. So, don’t include any information that isn’t true or exaggerated.

Reach Candidates You Want On Your Team

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