Interview Red Flags That You Should Look for Before Hiring

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Every employee you hire is an investment. The cost of a bad hire on a company can be astronomical. Before you make a mistake, here are a few red flags to look out for before hiring someone new.  

The Candidate Brags About Other Offers  

Bragging about other offers comes off as arrogant, but worse than that, they are the employees that tend to hop jobs. They may always be in the market for a new job. However, mentioning another offer may be acceptable in some cases, especially if it is later in the interview process. They might ask about the timeframe for interviews and decisions because they have other potential jobs they are fielding. This is completely acceptable. When they simply brag about other offers, on the other hand, it shows a lack of commitment to the position you are looking to fill. 

There is an Overall Lack of Passion  

You want candidates to show passion for the industry and the work they do. Passionate employees help improve productivity and increase retention rates. An ideal candidate would already know a bit about your brand and your mission. More than that, they will identify with it or love it. Their passion for the industry should be apparent. If it isn’t, they may not be the best candidate for your company.   

They Have a Victim Mentality  

Some candidates like to blame their previous employer for certain problems in their career. Others may shift blame to coworkers. Avoid hiring candidates who play the victim this way. These individuals often feel like there is nothing left to learn or they refuse to learn from their experiences. Having someone unwilling to learn on your team can hinder productivity and hurt morale. 

The Candidate Can’t Explain Previous Experience  

Another huge red flag is if a candidate isn’t able to explain their work history. If they can’t tell you about their responsibilities at a previous job, it doesn’t instill confidence that they will be able to do the job you’re hiring for. Not being able to explain their role in their previous (or current) position also depicts a lack of passion for the job overall.  

They Don’t Ask Any Questions  

At the end of almost every interview, the hiring manager or person in charge of the meeting asks if the candidate has any questions. Not asking a question can be a red flag. The top candidates in your industry will ask questions at this point because they are genuinely interested in the position, the company, and the industry as a whole.  

Partner With a Staffing Agency to Find the Best Candidates  

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