Inside Timpl' Selective Screening Process

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Many staffing agencies provide a screening process for companies to ensure they are getting the best candidate possible for the job at hand. They can help you draft a job description, source candidates, perform vetting, help with the interview process, and even assist in onboarding. The professionals at Timpl have a very particular selective screening process. Here is how it works.   

1. Our Focus is on Achieving Your Goals 

When you decide to work with Timpl, our primary focus is helping your organization achieve its goals by providing you with the right staff. This begins with crafting a job description that truly fits your needs. Beyond that, you have to perform a screening process that ensures you are receiving a reliable, trustworthy candidate and has the experience you are looking for.  

All in all, a lot of meeting your goals relies on the staff you have on hand. For that reason, Timpl has a very selective screening process in place to help you put together the right team for the job. Here is how we do that.  

2. Background Check  

Many companies require background checks to move forward in the hiring process. By working with us, we can perform the background check for you and be sure the candidates you receive are up to par with your standards.  

3. Drug Screening  

Timpl also performs oral, urine, and hair drug screening for companies, depending on your needs. Drug use, in general, can hurt productivity and lead to other issues in the workplace. The screening will help you ensure that you are getting the best of the best when it comes to staffing your business.  

4. Behavioral Tests 

Behavioral tests are another part of Timpl' selective screening process. These tests can give you insight into how an employee may react in a certain situation on the job. Additionally, it can give you an idea about some of their past behaviors in the workplace. For instance, many behavioral assessments can help uncover a history of workman's compensation claims, theft, violence, and drug use. 

5. Understanding Your Culture  

Another thing our selective screening process is constructed to do is help better understand your culture as a whole. We can screen employees who will fit into your business' culture seamlessly. In addition to that, we can also take into consideration the localized culture as well. For example, if jobs are in high demand in your industry in your area, we will have a good understanding of that and identify individuals who are truly a good fit.   

6. Knowledge of the Local Market Analysis 

Similar to how we can understand your localized industry culture, Timpl can also do their homework on the market analysis in the area. This means we can take a look at what other companies in the area are providing, what kind of staff they are working with, and how you can be more competitive. Then Timpl will take the information gathered and use it to help you find top talent for your organization.  

Connect with Our Team of Experts 

Now that you know exactly how Timpl's selective screening process can help your company, it is time to take the next step. Learn more about our services online and contact us to speak with our team of professionals.