Find the Ideal Worker in the Age of AI: Doing What Machines Cannot

AI in Recruiting, What Can Humans Do that Machines Cannot?

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There are many reasons businesses have started to turn to artificial intelligence for production, especially during the pandemic. While many people could not work due to state and local restrictions on businesses, companies were finding ways to use AI to keep the show on the road. However, that doesn’t mean machines are going to be able to replace workers. Instead, the ideal worker in the age of AI just looks different.

1.  Emotional Intelligence 

One thing AI will never be able to simulate fully is human emotions and emotional intelligence. Seek workers whose emotional intelligence will be beneficial to your team’s problem-solving. To screen for emotional intelligence, it is good to ask for anecdotes and specific field experiences. This information will give you an idea of how they can contribute to the staff emotionally, something artificial intelligence will not be able to do. 

2. Interpersonal Communication Skills 

Machines will never be able to replace human interaction. An ideal worker in the age of artificial intelligence should have good interpersonal skills. These skills mean they will be able to successfully and concisely share information with others. Their body language and vocabulary will ensure the message is delivered clearly. 

3. Creativity 

Another key thing AI lacks is human creativity. That can be crucial when it comes to problem-solving. While artificial intelligence machines have solved some problems, they aren’t all that great with the “on the spot” creative problem-solving human workers bring to the table. 

4.  Adaptability 

Ideal workers in the age of AI will also be flexible. This flexibility pertains to their work schedule, but it also means that they need to adapt to change. A lot has changed about the way people work together and interact with one another. Displaying that they are adaptable when it comes to these ever-changing items is a good trait to have in this new technological age. Although machines will adapt over time, it typically takes additional programming and more time.

5.  Transitional Experts 

More and more, the ideal workers will be transitional experts. These individuals are people who assist companies during large transitions. That being said, the ideal worker in the age of AI may be someone who has been a key player in successful transitions in other companies. 

6.  Leadership Skills 

Many employers should also look for leadership skills in new workers. Although they may not be in a leadership position, many companies operate using project-based teams and more fluid organizational structures than before. This means, at some point, their leadership skills may help lead a successful project plan. 

7.  The Ability to Learn

Last, but certainly not least, it is essential to find a worker that is eager to learn and has the ability to do so. They should also have a “growth” mindset, meaning they want to achieve higher career goals through further learning. This is a great trait to look for as many skills are becoming vastly outdated as technology advances. 

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