Attracting and Retaining Purpose-Driven Tech Talent: 6 Tips and 2 Red Flags

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Finding quality candidates for your business can be a challenge, especially when you are looking for a specific role to be filled. This is doubly true when you are searching to fill a more technical position. Here are a few tips and red flags when it comes to finding and retaining top tech talent.

1. Provide Learning Opportunities

One way to attract and retain your tech talent is by offering ways for them to continue their education. By providing learning opportunities for your tech staff you give them a way to continue expanding their career knowledge. It will also keep their knowledge up-to-date so that your company is using the latest tech.

2. Make Their Work Meaningful

Provide your staff with the meaning behind the work they are doing. Let them know how their work is contributing to the organization as a whole. This will help motivate them and provide them with an idea of how they fit into the big picture. Knowing how their jobs impact the entire company will also help improve productivity and morale.

3. Commit to Helping Your Employees Grow

Have a clear path for helping your employees grow within your organization. Provide them with ways they can climb the ladder and advance. When they can see a clear way to advance within your company they will be driven to do a good job. It will also help give them incentive to stay and meet their career goals.

4. Create a Strong Company Culture

Employee retention has a lot to do with the company culture as a whole. When you create a strong company culture that supports their ability to grow in their career and thrive. This will attract new tech employees because they will see what you have to offer incoming talent. It will also help you retain your staff because they will value the culture they are in.

5. Have a Good Management Team

Another key to retaining your tech talent once you have them on board is by having a good management team. When you have managers who truly value your company culture and goals, it helps drive your team to do a good job. It will also greatly help your retention rates because they will be interacting with your employees on a day-to-day basis.

6. Use Up To Date Technology

Last, but certainly not least, you should maintain the technology your company uses on a day-to-day basis. This will help you attract tech talent because they will notice that you are using the newest software or newest equipment. When you keep these items up to date it will also help you with retention because your tech employees will be able to continue growing with the equipment at their disposal.

Two Red Flags to Take Note Of

There are plenty of ways to attract and retain the top talent you need for your organization. However, when it comes to hiring tech employees, it is important to notice clear red flags during the hiring process. Be sure to pay attention if you notice these two things.

  1. They are being vague about answering questions about problems they’ve solved in previous positions. When it comes to obtaining top tech talent, being able to get a feel for their abilities and problem-solving skills is important. They should be able to thoroughly explain how they used their tech knowledge to their advantage. If they can’t, it’s a big red flag.
  2. There is no online trial. Your tech applicants should have an online trial of some sort. They should have an online portfolio, examples of online projects, and full visibility in the tech industry. If these things are not available to share with you, it is another red flag.

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