Are You Scaring Away Candidates with Your Hiring Process?

scaring candidates from hiring process

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If candidates are dropping out part way through the hiring process, it’s important to review where you are losing them and find ways to plug the holes. Let’s face it, the people you lose are likely to be the strongest candidates, those who have limited time because they are already working or have plenty of other job prospects because they are in high demand. Don’t lose the best people in your pipeline because you scare them away with your process. Here are some of the flaws in your process that can scare away candidates.


Not offering an online interview/onboarding option

Safety concerns are keeping many people out of the workforce. Potential applicants are uncertain how seriously companies are taking measures designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Conducting at least the initial interview and onboarding process via video or online can give them more confidence in working for you. Use that time to reassure them that masks, social distancing, and other best practices are in place. 


Misleading job descriptions 

When you post a job, there are many places where the process can go off the rails. If the post reads like a list of demands with no “what’s in it for me” for the applicant or if the duties listed are unreasonable or don’t match the job title, they may not even apply. If the candidate gets into the process and the interviewer's job is describing doesn’t seem like the same one that was posted, they may never call you back. 


"Ghosting" candidates

One of the biggest pet peeves for job applicants is a lack of communication from companies where they apply. They submit their resume and are never sure if it gets to the right place. They are told they will be contacted for an interview and never hear back. If they get through the interview, they’ll hear, “We’re making a decision this week, you’ll hear either way by Friday,” and nothing! You may not be guilty of this behavior, but job seekers have been burned too many times. If you don’t communicate and follow-through, they’ll move on to other employers. 


Long hiring process

It’s important to keep the process moving forward if you want to land your first-choice hire. Top prospects will be in discussion with several employers. Get that interview scheduled and make a hiring decision promptly. Try to avoid a situation where a seldom available decision-maker insists on signing off on every hire. The best people have plenty of options. They won’t wait for you to get organized. 


Complicated application

The only people who have time to fill out a long and involved application have nothing better to do. People who are currently employed or who have other prospects will not be bothered. Many applications ask for information employers would only need if they hire the candidate. You don’t need to know what month they started their after school fast-food job to decide if you’d like to bring them in for an interview. Keep it simple and make it easy to upload their resume to speed the process along. 


Streamline your hiring process

One of the best ways to streamline your hiring process is by working with a staffing and recruiting firm. The experts at Timpl are standing by to help you with even your toughest to fill positions. Contact us today