A Simple Guide to Building Healthy Relationships with Colleagues

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Conflict is a struggle for anyone to dissolve. But without it, it's hard to know how to appreciate the positive moments. Both the good and the bad are key factors in building a strong kinship with your colleagues. 

Listen and Communicate

Listen attentively and take your time to come up with appropriate responses. Remember to respond, not react. At some point, you may find yourself feeling frustrated, especially with the ones closest to you. How you behave in those situations is completely within your control. When you are spoken to, consider their point of view, and try to understand why they're saying the things they are before forming a response. 

Control Your Anger

We all get upset sometimes, but how you express your emotions can affect the relationships with people around you. If you feel your voice getting louder and emotional during a disagreement, take a breather and dial back. Avoid using insults or profanity; stay on point. Take a short break if you need to and come back later to try again in a calm manner. 

Stay Positive

Positivity and smiles are contagious! People often gravitate toward others who brighten up their day. They are also more prone to forgive when an amicable person makes a mistake. It benefits you, too; when you focus on the brighter side of a situation, you can stabilize your emotions and resolve the matter at hand quicker.

Write Thank-You Notes

Acknowledging a job well done and/or positive contributions with small notes will go a long way in maintaining a strong bond with your colleagues. It can be by any means such as a handwritten note, an email, or a simple text message. People enjoy being noticed and appreciated for the things they do.

Manage your Boundaries

Some don't give you even the most basic human respect no matter what you do. That's okay, not everyone is wired the same way. The good news is that you are free to walk away. You tried all that you could, exhausted all the positions but were unable to draw up a solution. Knowing where to draw your line may be the most important component in stable and healthy relationships with your colleagues.

If you're feeling underappreciated, think about why that may be. Resolving the issues can provide you with a happier work environment, with both you and your colleagues feeling valued.

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