6 Skills Your Next UX Developer Should Have

6 Skills for UX Developer

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Developers are integral parts of your team in this day and age. Trying to find the perfect candidate to suit your needs can be difficult. If you are looking for the next great UX developer, these skills are key differentiators to look for in candidates.

1.  Research 

UX developers should have some research skills. No matter what job they are performing, there is almost always something new to be examined and learned. The field is constantly changing. Therefore, potential candidates for UX developer positions must exhibit good research capabilities. You may even want to inquire about the specific experiences during your search.

2.  Teamwork

Another key trait your next UX developer should have is the ability to collaborate and work with others. Developers typically need to work with data analytics, graphic design, and other departments to get their jobs done. Good communication skills and teamwork are things you should desire in the perfect candidate. Screen for these traits during your interview process.

3.  Prototyping

Some prototyping experience is good for a UX developer to have as well. Because apps and other interactive designs are popular, being able to build prototypes for use is crucial. Having some experience in prototyping or knowledge about it is something to look for in a potential developer candidate.

4.  User Empathy 

A good UX developer is able to display user empathy. When you can understand a user’s problems, you can more readily provide a solution. Many UX developers can empathize with user experience by doing a substantial amount of qualitative research. They review interviews as well as heat maps to determine what the user experience is like. 

When they look at the data, they can make changes to the interface to improve the overall experience. They genuinely understand user preference and how a user might feel when interacting with your product, which is a valuable piece of input to have.

5.   Visual Communication 

Another skill to look for when identifying potential candidates is the ability to communicate visually. Many people are visual learners, so to make your website, app, or interface more user-friendly, it is key that your UX developer is well-versed in visual communication. See how up-to-date their design skills are and inquire about how they have used visual communication in the past.

6. Coding and Analytics

It isn’t a bad idea to be sure your UX developer candidates also have some coding and analytics experience. These skills can come in handy in day-to-day tasks without hiring an outside source for analytical work. At the very least, some front-end coding knowledge is necessary. You should look for CSS, HTML, JavaScript, or other similar skills listed on their resume.

Find the Right Candidates

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