4 Ways to Recruit Top Talents on a Budget

recruiting top talents on a budget

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Finding a way to attract top talent to your organization can be tricky. It can be especially tricky if you are on a tight budget. Many companies use large salaries, benefits, and other monetary incentives to attract the best candidates. For smaller businesses, that isn't always possible. Focus on these four selling points when your business is trying to attract great applicants.


  1. Clear Job Postings 

The first thing you need to do to attract your organization's best talent is to post clear, consider job listings. Many applicants are looking for direct information about the position as well as the company's history. The person crafting the job post should provide a clear picture of the job requirements and every detail related to them. 

You should also include relevant details such as salary, benefits, information about company culture, and any other perks employees are entitled to. If you have a video about your company, it is good to include it in the job post or link to your company's blog. All of this will provide a clear picture of the organization and job in question. 


  1. Alternative Recruiting Methods 

Think outside the box in terms of recruiting new hires. Consider recruiting on college campuses, posting listings in newspapers, connecting with professionals online, and using social media to your advantage. You may consider running an advertisement in the school paper looking for interns or specific job titles on college campuses. You can also hold workshops and other learning events to help students determine if they would be interested in your organization. 

You may also consider taking to the web for more recruiting events. Some companies hold online competitions that allow potential candidates to showcase their skills. It is also a good idea to have your recruiters be active on social media. Facebook and LinkedIn can especially help you find candidates and encourage them to apply for open positions. 


  1. Offer Flexibility 

One thing that top talent is looking for is flexibility in their workplace. Think about what you may be able to offer that other organizations in your industry do not. For the most part, employees want a job that won't impact their personal lives. Work-life balance is important. It can also be important for some candidates that their workday is not monotonous or the same every day either. 

One of the ways employers have been working to combat this is by offering flexible schedules. For example, if your office is on a nine-to-five schedule, offer employees the option to come in earlier or later. You may also consider allowing flexibility by letting your staff work from home a few days a week or entirely. Stepping away from conventional work schedules will help you land top talent, though. 


  1. Benefits Beyond Healthcare

Consider what you can offer your employees beyond their salary or healthcare package. Some employers offer a weekly lunch in the office. Others provide their staff with transportation help, such as shuttles or taxi services. You can also provide time-off and paid holidays to help motivate your team as well. 


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